Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 34/175 Field Trip to Maine State Museum

Today was our second field trip of the year. We dropped Daddy off at work, and headed to the Maine State Museum. My son is such a fan of this place to start with… any place with History and he is there.

Today was the Bugmania.. They had entomologist on site for kids to ask questions. Along with a bunch of different bugs to check out and learn about. What could be more fun right? (note my sarcasm) Mostly, cause I am not a huge bug person, and was not looking forward to seeing lots of creepy crawlies in one place. Despite that however, we had a really good time.

Here are some pictures of our fun filled day!

Monkey Man holding a Millipede
Monkey Man holding a Stick Bug
Tarantula, Monkey Man held one, but not this one.
The 3 Monkey’s writing with a feather pen

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